If you’ve set up a Facebook business page or Instagram business account, congratulations! This is a fantastic step in upping your marketing efforts.


But now what?


You stare at a blank screen, wondering how to produce great and engaging content along with the million other things you need to do as a business owner. And as the weeks go by, you’ve noticed that you’ve let your social media posts slip down the slippery slide to reach low-priority status. You’ve got a business to run—why should you take the time to create strong, consistent branding on Facebook?


Benefits of Social Media Consistency


On Social Media, consistency is king. There are meaty perks to posting regularly, and these are benefits you do not want to miss.  Consider a few of them with me:


  • Consistent Social Media Posting Creates Brand Recognition


Each time you post on social media, your customers and potential customers see your brand, your logo, your color scheme, and your expertise in your field. We all know that people buy from those they know and trust. Each post helps you earn recognition and builds confidence in your existing and potential customers.


  • Consistent Social Media Posting Establishes Authority


Let’s say you’re a massage therapist. Each time you post about the benefits of massage, non-technical best practices in your industry, or share simple tips for taking care of your body, you’re demonstrating that you’re an expert in your field. As they read your post, they’ll think, “She really knows what she’s talking about and her advice helped me today!” Soon, you’ll become their go-to source and they’ll be talking about you with their friends.


  • Consistent Social Media Posting Reaches More People


Unless you’re paying to boost your posts or advertise, your organic posts will only go so far. That’s the sad truth of algorithms and social media systems. Each post you publish is another opportunity to reach your audience and their friends. When you give them something that helps them engage with your business, they’ll like, comment and share—all of which expand your reach.  The more often you post quality content, the more likely you are to receive customer engagement.


  • Consistent Social Media Posting Develops Relationships


As people engage with your posts, the more you’ll learn about them. When you discover they’re likes and preferences, what they question, and what stirs their hearts, you can engage them in conversations and build relationships. Many a friendship has been developed over social media channels. Go ahead—make friends with your customers and then deliver what will make their day!


Social Media Consistency Moves Beyond the Calendar


It’s not enough to post every day. You also must be consistent with quality content, color schemes, and appealing visuals. No one likes to read noisy content in their news feed, they want information that connects, engages, helps, and entertains.


It can be a lot to keep up with but it’s an essential piece of doing business in today’s technology-centered society. Remember, at Affinity Virtual Assistants, we’re here to help. We love to help our clients create a consistent social media presence and watch their customer engagement increase week after week.


If you’d like to talk more about our social media packages, contact us here!


And be sure to check back soon. Our next blog post will share tips for developing consistency on social media.  The “How To” so to speak. We can’t wait to share our pointers with you!


Cathy McIntosh
Affinity Virtual Assistants
We help your business thrive!



Social Media Consistency

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