Why does your business need a website? We’re so glad you asked! A website can be an invaluable tool for your business and we’re about to drop some knowledge and convince you that you need a website. You NEED one – like yesterday!

There are an infinite number of reasons you should get a website for your business, but we’ll just share our top 5 reasons:.

1.) A website is a place that is exclusively built for your brand.

You get to choose the wording, pictures, layout, colors – everything! You own and control everything about your website. Social Media is an amazing place to share about your products and services and connect with customers, but Social Media platforms can (and often do) change in an instant, possibly leaving your business without a way to reach your customers.

2.) Your business needs a website because your competitor has one.

These days, it’s expected that a business will have a website. If your customer does a simple google search for a business in your niche and you don’t have a website, they’ll almost certainly do business with your competitors. It’s not always easy to find the information about a business that potential customers may be looking for on Social Media. Here’s a crazy stat: Americans spend an average of 23 hours online each week. So it’s important that you give your customers an easy place to go to learn more about your business. You will undoubtedly look more professional as a business if you have a website.

3.) It doesn’t have to be complicated.

You remember everything you learned in your high school web design class…right? No? Oh. Well, no worries. You don’t have to know code to create a website. There are a ton of website-building programs that make it SO easy to create a website. Drag and drop your pictures, choose your color scheme, pick your fonts, write your words, and voila! Its proven people don’t read websites anymore – they scan them. Less is more these days and depending on your business, you may only need a website with a few pages.

Psst…While do-it-yourself sites are a good option, it’s not the best solution for everyone. We’ll just say that if you don’t want to have to figure out your own design, spend hours selecting images, and worry about how to put all the right words together to move your customers through a buying process (not just a looking process), we can build an affordable, customized website on your behalf. Keep reading to learn more.

4.) You will improve your customer service.

A website can act as an around-the-clock associate. Your customers and employees will have a resource they can go to for information they may need. People are more likely to check a business website than a Facebook page or phone call for information about a business.

5.) A website is absolutely the #1 marketing asset for a business.

A website is a place to send your customers for pricing information, reviews, locations, and more. Most importantly, you can have a clickable, direct Call to Action which helps your customers know what to do next, even if you’re on vacation in Tahiti. Lead your customer to your website through your social media, lead magnets, business cards, and Google searches, then draw them in with a Call to Action and capture that lead!

Well, did we convince you? Get a website for your business. Did you hear that? We’ll say it louder for the people in the back. GET A WEBSITE FOR YOUR BUSINESS.

But when you do, make sure it’s done right. Maybe you’re skilled at design and feel like it’s something you can take on yourself. You go girl (or guy). If not, don’t find some random person who can build you a website for free. 75% of people judge a company based on their website design. 94% of a customer’s first impression of a website is design related. It’s so important to have a good looking website. It’s possible that your website could be the very first experience someone has of your business, so make sure it’s a good one.

Now that we think about it…did you know that Affinity builds websites? Affinity is here for your business. VISIT OUR WEBSITE to get more info about pricing and services we offer. CLICK OUR CALL TO ACTION to set up a discovery session and see how we can best help your business.

Whatever you do, just go get your business a website.

To your success,
Jess Dodero
Affinity Solutions

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