Free live training to help you build confidence

in your ministry, your message, and your marketing.


Invite your audience into a story to connect with your message on a deeper level.
Learn to develop a clear invitation that attracts a wider audience and draws them to interact.
Showcase your ministry as a beautiful gift that will encourage and uplift the people you serve.

Marketing your ministry feels uncomfortable.

You feel called to serve and want to impact God’s people, but you don’t want to appear as if  you’re “in it for the money.” So, you avoid marketing altogether.


Stop wondering if you have what it takes.

Your message encourages God’s children and offers hope to a lost generation. You’re passionate about sharing it, but feel frustrated about the size of your audience.

Friend, you are gifted by God. It’s time to let more people know what you offer.


How “The Power of Story” Live Training can
Help You Grow Your Ministry

Ministries often struggle to explain what they offer. This webinar will teach you 7 key elements of a clear, compelling message that makes your promotions more effective and helps you reach more people. You’ll discover to:

Meet the Needs of Your Current Supporters

Learn to discover the obstacles that your audience faces every day. Show them you understand how they feel and guide them toward a solution.

Develop a Marketing Message that Focuses on Your Audience

Clearly communicate your desire to serve your audience and show them the love of Christ. Using the power of story, you can position yourself as their guide, the one who points them toward hope and healing.

Inspire Action

Show them a plan that helps them apply what they learn and achieve the transformation they seek.  Clearly communicate what to do next. People want to be led, so give them a path to follow.

Our next live video presentation:

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Thursday, October 15 th

2 pm MT

Register for The Power of Story AT NO COST today and we’ll send you login details. Then watch the video presentation live from the comfort of your own home!

This live training will NOT be recorded, however we intend to offer it once each month. Based on the level of interest, we’ll post a calendar of dates soon.


What others are saying about The Power of Story:  

“We learned what problem our ministry solves, how we uniquely solve it, and the desired outcome we help people reach. This helped us get clear on our marketing message and we’re already reaching new people.”

Sonita Payton

“This was one of the best hours we’ve invested in our ministry. The 7-part framework will likely become one of the keys to our success for years to come.  We’ve already used it to develop new content and to promote our ministry.”

Evan Shaw

Why Choose Affinity?

Excellence. It’s what we strive for and why we exist. Our commitment to excellence transcends our business and reaches into yours. When you invite Affinity Solutions to partner with your brand, you'll receive experience, expertise, and professionalism. We'll help you market with distinction and expand your reach.  

Gain confidence in your message and your marketing.


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