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Affinity Solutions provides content solutions for your digital marketing so you can turn your browers into buyers and elevate your business.

Our Story

At Affinity Solutions, we understand how it feels to struggle with marketing. Promoting your brand shouldn’t take so much effort and shouldn’t feel like throwing money out the window. We get it.

We’ve always been an entrepreneurial-minded family. With several businesses in our portfolio, we’re adept at all the ways a brand shouldn’t market. It’s our aim to help you avoid some of the pitfalls and marketing money pits that we faced. We’ve discovered the formulas for success and started reaping the benefits, so we made it our mission to help other small businesses do the same. 

Our company is led by a StoryBrand Certified Guide. That means we develop content with expertise. We are obsessed with clarity and helping potential customers understand how your brand will make their lives better.

We’re thrilled to clarify content for our clients’ digital marketing and sales funnels. Honestly, there’s not much that’s better than watching small businesses reach a wider audience and build a loyal brand community. Here are some of the results we’ve helped achieve:

  • 4X higher website traffic
  • 10X increase in sales with the first email campaign
  • Nearly 3X more subscribers in 90-days than the prior 5 years in business
  • 2X increase in engagement on social media, and a rapidly growing audience

More than numbers, though, there’s the way the benefits make our clients feel.

When all of the marketing pieces fit together and results happen, it brings a level of energy that propels your feet out of bed in the morning. It’s knowing you’re in the sweet spot of your purpose and can truly make a difference in a lot of lives. It’s finally knowing that your hard work has paid off and you can silence the doubts in your head that scream,  “what do you possibly have to offer?”  

It feels like success—and that’s what we help our clients achieve.

Our Awesome Team

We’re family owned with three great minds to offer creative copy and content solutions for your business.

Cathy McIntosh


Cathy leverages decades of experience as a communicator and business owner to offer invaluable consulting and content solutions for digital marketing. She believes small businesses and ministries are the backbone of our nation and is driven to help them achieve success and impact our communities to their fullest potential. She is a StoryBrand Certified Guide dedicated to helping you clarify your message and grow your brand. 

Jessica Dodero


Jess has been in the customer service industry for over 10 years. She has worked for the Walt Disney Company (a Fortune 100 company) and in operational positions which require high attention to detail. She is an organizer by nature—streamlining processes until they shine with efficiency.

Nicole McIntosh


Nikki has strong experience in helping others achieve goals in a sleek and highly productive manner. Her strengths are in content creation and developing high-profile social media platforms, having been well trained through Colorado Media School. Her fresh approach, her can-do attitude, and her work ethic make her an essential asset.

Our Partners

Affinity Solutions is trusted by many busy professionals and businesses.

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